Camosun College in 2010: a great, local option


How little I knew about the 2010 version of Camosun College! Although the new information has been readily accessible, my understanding of what they offered was, quite honestly, stuck in the 80’s.  After spending a day at the Interurban campus a couple of weeks ago, I came away with a new view of the facilities, of the 168 programs offered, and of the student services available. Camosun has continued its strong tradition of career training and hands-on practice, but it has also become a degree-granting institution with a wide range of options for all learners.

There is a very strong university transfer program where students can select from a wide variety courses that will “ladder” specifically into a degree program at BC universities, or generally into many programs across the country. You can, for example, follow a course path that will meet the first and second year course requirements to lead into a Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor Science in Nursing, or a Bachelor of Engineering at UVic, to name a few. You can also go and take general first and second year courses just as you might if you were a student at any university. But there are advantages to choosing Camosun: tuition is about half what you would expect to pay at university, class sizes in those courses will typically be smaller, and the instructors are more focused, in general, on teaching than on researching.

Camosun also offers their own Bachelor degrees in Business (Business Administration) and Sport Education (Athletic & Exercise Therapy). These programs lend themselves naturally towards practical application and are career-oriented, but they also include the theoretical background typical of a university degree. Like much of the coursework at Camosun, they are flexible both in delivery (day time, evening, and weekend classes) and in course options. In addition, these and many other programs (diplomas, certificates, Associate Degrees, and degrees) offer co-operative education and/or internship options for students.

If you are considering staying in Victoria, are able to arrange accommodation, and want a hands-on approach to your education, Camosun College is worth a second look.


  1. Hello Alison.

    I just wanted to let you know that Camosun has Information Sessions every third Thursday of every month.

    The Centre for Sport and Exercise Education Information Session is this Thursday February 18th from 6:00-7:00pm in PISE 329A Interurban Campus.
    We look forward to meeting any students, parents and faculty interested in our
    Diploma in Exercise and Wellness
    Diploma in Sport Management
    Diploma in Sport Performance
    Bachelor of Sport and Fitness Leadership
    Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy

    Charity Calder BA,MCE
    Program Assistant
    Centre for Sport and Exercise Education
    Camosun College
    Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence
    4371 Interurban Road
    Victoria BC V9E 2C5
    Phone 250 220 2566
    Fax 250 220 2501


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