Poetry in Mrs. Lee’s Grade 6 Humanities Class


By Grade 6 student Jasper Johnson

This term our grade six class “ate” poetry, after being inspired by the poem, “Reading Poetry” by Mary McIver. Eating poetry means that we read it once to get a “taste” for it, then “chew it up” word by word until we fully understand the meaning of the poem and it “nourishes” us. After practising this several times and writing poems of our own, we set off, creating a “feast” of poetry. We made a collection of our poems along with a poem which we “ate”, all in the theme of feasting. This meant that all our poems were formatted to look like anything from a menu to a picnic basket. Once all of these projects had been finished and brought in, we all feasted! For one whole period we walked around the classroom observing and reading our friends projects, then wrote a reflection on the experience. We also shared what some of our favourite poems were.


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