The Wu Brothers

                Over the last five months I and my brother had been participating in the SMUS service group and been taking many groups of kind and caring friends to worked on some fun and enjoyable volunteer works in the community. We had done quite a number of environmental services and had been down to the James Bay Old folk’s home with the grade eight boarders, where we helped making ginger bread houses and decorate Christmassy windows in their dining hall. We surely had given them a warm and memorable Christmas. Down at Glendale Garden beside Camosun College where we volunteered for environmental services is a beautiful natural haven that had been slowly corrupted by human nature. It used to be a natural habitat for many beautiful animals and a group of beavers, however; because of pollutions and global warming it had become an unsuitable living environment for these beautiful creatures. The group worked on a project with the job of reforming a forest and hopefully we will be able to bring back life to Glendale Garden. We worked on planting trees and cutting off wild black berries. It is a demanding and long commitment for us and we will continue to do our best on what we have.

Vincent Wu


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