Junior Students Ready for 2010 Games

by Mrs. Margaret Lincoln, Kindergarten teacher

The Kindergarten children have been learning about the origins of the Olympics. They are particularly knowledgeable about the different winter sports, what it takes to be an “Olympic Athlete” and did a book study on Michael Phelps. This week, they conducted surveys about which winter sports the students preferred, in each of the Junior School classes. We reviewed Olympic symbols, Canadian symbols and reviewed the “big idea” question as to why the Inuksuk logo is symbolic of the Canadian 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

by the Kindergarten class

Things We Know About the Olympics

  • “There are summer and winter Olympics.”
  • “They do tricks in the air and they do circles.”
  • “They win gold medals for first place.”
  • “The Olympics started in Greece many years ago.”
  • “Everyone is a winner because they all work very hard on their sport.”
  • “Mr. Lincoln is going to carry the Olympic torch and our class is going to be the first to touch it.”
  • “Elizabeth’s dad is going to be a doctor for the Olympics and he has a special outfit with rings on it.”
  • “There is skiing, cross-country skiing and alpine skiing, ski jumping, long-track speed skating, short speed skating, skeleton, figure skating, bobsledding and the luge.”
  • “The Olympics take place every 4 years and they will be in Vancouver this time.”
  • “I’m excited to watch the hockey and my dad is too, as he watches hockey all the time at night.”
  • “The people who do the sports are winners.”
  • “There are five big spots of areas in the world – Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas – and there are 5 rings linked together because the athletes are all getting together and they are going to cheer for each other and make unity.”


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