Grade 8 Students Sell Muffins for Haiti

by Jane Pirie and Stephanie Wong-Harrison, Grade 8

Since last year, when we were in Grade 7, we have been having a muffin sale in support for a certain charity, which last year was the BC Children’s Hospital. This year, because of the heartbreaking earthquake in Haiti, we decided that our muffin sale proceeds should go there. With the help of Sarah Taylor and Clara MacKenzie we baked almost 300 muffins and with support of friends, other Middle School students and the teachers, we had no trouble selling almost all the muffins and the ones that we didn’t sell we are going to take to local food banks. In the end we made a total of $298.01! We are extremely happy about the success of the muffin sales and hope to continue this fundraiser by possibly having another muffin sale after spring break, supporting the BC Children’s hospital.


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