Joe Furness Quote

As a student of SMUS I am proud to be involved in Service Leadership; where we do charitable services for the greater community, Outdoor Leadership; where we lead wilderness excursions, Athletics Council; where we serve the best interests of the SMUS athletic community, The Ivy; a student newspaper; I write a sports column, Investment Club; where we manage a real student run portfolio and compete in various investment contests, Student Ambassadors; where I represent my school in various functions, I am proud to play rugby for the SMUS 1st XV and for my country. Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award; where I “strive to achieve”. The Duke of Edinburgh award requires considerable volunteer hours so I sometimes volunteer at Glengarry Hospital to help with seniors, sometimes I volunteer for things through SMUS, all I have to do is check the notice board or newsletter and see what I can do next. There is always a list of opportunities and each one is always in need of some volunteers. I encourage all students to get involved it is fun!

Joe Furness


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