Carlos Angeles Quote

Service to me is not so much of a commitment, but rather a gratifying experience that gives benefits to those who give and those who receive. Most of the service I’ve done this year has been planting trees. Planting trees wasn’t as easy as I have expected. Having to wake up on a Saturday morning is already a task on its own. Planting trees seems like a tedious task, however, along with 20 other volunteers it was reduced to a minute amount of our time. I wouldn’t call it a task though. As we were tree planting and cutting thorny blackberry bushes there were two things that resonated the most; the 20 other volunteers’ smiling faces and laughter. It seemed as if getting pricked by thorns and wielding 15lb Maddox was like feeling air; you know it’s there but you don’t really pay attention to it. Instead we enjoyed ravaging the invasive bushes and pummelling the ground, as if we were pretending that we were the “good guys” and the bushes were the “bad guys”, in short terms…it brought out the “inner kid” inside us. Not only does service give a lot to the community in which it is given but also it gives the giver a sense of self satisfaction in all sorts of ways.-Carlos Angeles-Grade 12 Boarder-Harvey House


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