Athletics Review: Jan 25, 2010

Senior Badminton
The past two weeks for the Senior badminton team have been rigorous. Training intensity has reached new heights, with both fitness and technical training being the focus. A recent match versus rival Claremont saw the SMUS Team narrowly edge them by a score of 6-5. Although it was a win, it was too close for comfort. Thank goodness that Monica Lee, Robbie Thomas, and Michael Ip rose to the occasion.

The team now takes a bit of a rest this week before things really get going again in February. The first half of that month is filled with all kinds of badminton fixtures, and it also looks like a future tour to the Okanagan in mid-February has now been confirmed.

Coach Hunt is pleased with the team’s progress and he is confident that the team will peak at just the right time.


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