Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship


The Evans Caddie Scholarship, administered locally by the Victoria Golf Club is a very lucrative and generous tuition award ($50,000 over 4 years) tenable at Northwestern University, Miami of Ohio University and University of Colorado.  Students who meet the following criteria are encouraged to apply: 

  1. Demonstrated financial need:  Candidates and their parents MUST clearly establish their need for financial assistance.  Parents will be required to submit to a needs test which will include submission of tax returns.  There is an income cap for this scholarship.
  2. Excellent academics:  Candidates should demonstrate an A average from grade 9 – 12 and MUST have completed grade 11 with an A average in academic courses.  All candidates are required to take the ACT exam and score at least 30pts.
  3. Outstanding character:  Candidates must be outstanding in character, integrity and leadership.  They MUST have completed charity service over and above the Ministry of Education requirement.
  4. Strong caddie record:  Candidates must have caddied, successfully and regularly, at VGC for a minimum of two years prior to September 1 of their graduating year and are also expected to caddie and/or work at their sponsoring club during the summer when they apply for the scholarship.  A strong caddie record is 100+ loops.   A caddie MUST complete at least 35 rounds in a summer.  As this is a requirement, it is critical that the caddie be a resident of Victoria.

This scholarship is open to non-golfers and to both genders.  It is appropriate to apply in grades 8 and 9 as the loops must be completed by the end of summer of your grade 11 year.

As the Victoria Golf Club is accepting applicants on a first come, first served basis and there are only a few opportunities each year, please email Ms. Casey ( as soon as possible to discuss your eligibility.  Intakes generally occur in January but I will accept information on a rolling basis.


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