Grade 8 Students See How the Eye Works

by Jenna Dhillon, Grade 8

On January 20, 2010, Ms. Van Alstine’s Grade 8 science classes filed into the science lab to complete a cow eye dissection. I’m sure the only thing going through most of the students minds were “I wonder how it will be?” At first it was almost like the cow itself was looking at you, but after removing the cornea from the eye things started to get better.

I found it helpful, and interesting to actually get to see the eye as a 3D diagram, everything was much more clear and easier to picture. As we kept dissecting, the eye was almost in layers. First the cornea, then the iris and sclera, then the lens, vitreous humour and, finally, the retina and tapetum. After the steps of the dissection were over Ms. Van Alstine graciously let us explore all aspects of the eye, which included exploring with the vitreous humour, a Jell-o like substance that gives the eye its shape. Although dissecting a cow eye might not appeal to everyone, trust me it was a great experience.


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