Grade 6 Classes Join the Six String Nation

by Sam Perelmuter, Grade 6

Yesterday, we had an exciting visit from Mr. Jowi Taylor. He has this guitar (which has been named the Voyageur) that is made from Canadian things. Like part of it is made out of a bit of Paul Henderson’s stick that he used to score the 1972 summit series winning goal, and a bit of the Bluenose II. Have you ever heard of the Golden Spruce? Well it was a tree that had no chlorophyll in it. The Haida tribe that lived in that region thought that one of their dead ancestor’s spirit lived in that tree. But a logging company owned the rights to where that tree was, but they were nice people and they didn’t cut it down because of the Haida, because it was a tourist attraction and a bunch of scientists wanted to study it. But then this one guy who worked for the logging company went a bit crazy and thought that it was hypocritical of the logging company to try to cut down so many trees except for that one tree. So he got a kayak and paddled to where the Golden Spruce was. Then he chopped it down. The Haida swore never to touch it again. But after a little while Mr. Jowi Taylor finally was able to get a bit of the tree. Now the whole front of the guitar is made from that bit of the golden spruce. All in all it was a lot of fun having Mr. Jowi Taylor come to our school.


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