Grade 4 Students Reflect on Canada's Identity

by the Grade 4J class

Jowi Taylor and Paul O’Brien’s Six String Nation presentation inspired our Grade 4 students to think about a guitar in new and different ways. After listening to Jowi’s stories about the symbolism of each part of his guitar, “The Voyageur,” Grade 4J shared some of the big ideas and messages they learned from his presentation.

  • “I think the message about this presentation is that even the smallest symbols can be important to a big country or community.”
  • “I think the big idea of the presentation was to be grateful for everything we have like The Voyageur. We have all of these legends and stories in this musical instrument.”
  • “I think he felt emotional about his guitar. Paul O’Brien felt emotional and thankful about Jowi Taylor making his guitar and letting him play it. Jowi Taylor also told us that the symbols do not have to be only the beaver, moose, bear or syrup, they can also have Canadian stories behind them.”
  • “I think the big idea of the presentation is that even though a lot of the pieces on the guitar were very old, their stories were eternal.”
  • “The message was that one guitar can bring Canada together.”
  • “I think the big idea of the presentation was to bring Canada together and make other nations see Canada as a nice, peaceful country. Also the big idea is that Jowi Taylor could be a leader and show Canada that everybody can accomplish a dream.”
  • “I think the message of the presentation was that a guitar can bring together an entire nation like the commercial that says, We are all Canucks!”
  • “I think the big ideas is that we all are connected closer than we think! I think that because the guitar has 64 pieces from all across Canada, all united in one guitar.”
  • “I thought the main message was that Jowi Taylor collected different pieces of Canada and brought them all together in his guitar to make it like a big community. I also think that the message was sharing because Jowi Taylor shared his guitar with a lot of people.”
  • “The main idea of the speech to me is that, even if everybody told Jowi it was highly impossible to complete his project he kept trying. It reminds me to do what I think is important, not what my friends tell me to do.”
  • “I think the message was that Jowi Taylor shared that guitar with so many people. Also what I think is that you don’t always need to have a beaver or other symbol to represent Canada. Jowi Taylor got special items from all over Canada and that brought Canada’s communities together.”


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