Scholar In Residence Speaks to Grade 6 Students

The ‘Scholar In Residence’ program is sponsoring another visitor to SMUS who will be spending some of his time with Middle School students as part of his schedule on January 21. Jowi Taylor will be speaking to all our Grade 6 students during period 6 that day in the chapel. Mr. Taylor’s presentation is a good fit for the Grade 6 Humanities program and we are excited that he will be speaking to those students.

Mr. Taylor is a radio broadcaster for CBC Radio. For over 10 years, he was the host of Global Village, which broadcast on CBC Radio One, CBC Radio 2 and Radio Canada International. He was also the host and co-producer of an eight-part series called The Wire, on CBC Radio, NPR and other services, which won a Peabody Award in 2006. One of his most unusual and note-worthy accomplishments was to create a “Six-String Nation Guitar”. Just before the 1995 Quebec referendum on sovereignty, he got the idea of building the guitar as a symbol of national unity. Luthier George Rizsanyi built the guitar in his workshop near Pinehurst, Nova Scotia with Mr. Taylor over a period of 10 years, using 64 pieces of bone, metal and wood. Much of the front piece came from the Golden Spruce, a 300-year-old tree revered by the Haida of the Queen Charlotte Islands. Other parts include gold from Maurice Richard’s Stanley Cup ring and a piece of the oldest rock in the world, found near Great Bear Lake.


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