Borealis String Quartet At The Middle School

On January 25, SMUS will be hosting the Borealis String Quartet. The quartet will be performing for many of our Grade 6-8 students and for the Grade 5 students from the Junior School who have also been invited. This concert takes place from 10:10 am to 11:00 am in the Copeland Lecture Theatre.

Borealis String Quartet:

Patricia Shih – 1st Violin, Yuel Yawney – 2nd Violin, Nikita Pogrebnoy – Viola, Shih-Lin Chen – Cello

One of the most dynamic and exciting world-class ensembles of its generation, the Borealis String Quartet has received critical acclaim as an ensemble praised for its fiery performances, passionate style and refined, musical interpretation.

It was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia in the fall of 2000 and rapidly established a stellar reputation.  Devoted to performing a variety of chamber music repertoire, the Borealis has collaborated with many different artists. As well as extensive performing, the quartet is frequently heard on CBC Radio and other radio stations across North America and Asia.

We are indeed very fortunate to welcome the Borealis String Quartet to SMUS.

Instruments Played by Borealis String Quartet were supplied by


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