New Middle School toilets to save about 350,000 litres of water per year

From the SMUS E-Team

Thanks to Mr. Floyd, the Middle School now has six new efficient toilets! The replacement of the old toilets, which used 13 or more litres per flush, is expected to save about 350,000 litres of water per year. In the spring of 2009, Mr. Floyd heard about the CRD water efficiency grant available to schools. This year the grant was used to purchase and install the six toilets at the Middle School as well as five toilets at the Junior School. For the math enthusiasts: Conservatively that’s 1 flush per day for each person in the Middle School = 250 flushes/day x 200 days/year x 7 litres currently being wasted/flush (the new ones are 6 litres/flush) =  about 350,000 litres of water! As the CRD grant is available again in 2010 for other water efficiency upgrades we are currently investigating installing a smart irrigation system to control the field and garden irrigation systems at SMUS. The smart irrigation system looks at local weather conditions (rainfall) and reduces the amount of irrigation accordingly.


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