Facing Challenges in Film

by Christina Robillard, Grade 8

The Victoria Film Festival offered a new project this year, titled FilmCan. It was a competition to offer Middle and Senior School students an opportunity to show off their video-producing abilities. You got to produce a 2-4 minute video of any genre within the limits of PG, and upload it onto Vimeo (a video site much like YouTube) where it was then viewed by people all over Victoria, who each had one vote they could place on their favourite video. The five groups with the highest rankings were moved up to a new level, where the FilmCan Jury decided who best fit the categories for winning.

This year, my teammates and I were very fortunate to have won the competition. We had been working hard on the script, camera shots, and editing for almost over two months until the night of the deadline. My group members were: Cecilia Shang, Sunmin Oh, Emma Donald, Sydney Witoski and I. During filming, I learnt more about video-making and how frustrating it can be sometimes. It is hard to always get your group members together for a video-shooting day, when there is homework, sports, and clubs that need to be taken care of. It is also very frustrating to actually edit the movie — the hours I spent trying to make our video the closest thing to perfection made me so irritable, exhausted, and, let’s not forget, miserable; especially for someone like me, who always forgets to save my work.

My video, “Wannabe,” was meant to teach the well-known lesson of being yourself. School environment in Middle school tends to be very clique-oriented, and the lesson I was trying to teach, was how changing yourself to be more “socially popular” is not the right thing to do, because you find true popularity in being who you truly are, and feeling confident in yourself.

Several of our Middle School students participated in this contest, from acting to directing. You can see their entries on the FilmCan website.


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