Junior School Funds Farm Animals Overseas

Last term, the Junior School began a fundraising initiative on behalf of World Vision. The students challenged themselves to raise as much money as they could in order to help families in need buy animals and other supplies that would allow them to better produce food. Below, two students review the service project.

by Joshua, Grade 5
I thought World Vision was a great way to raise money for people in need. My favourite part was seeing the pictures on the wall of animals we had bought. My group’s job was to collect money from the bins that were in each class and then bring it to the conference room to count it. Then we would go and announce the amount we raised on the speaker system. Afterwards we would decide what to buy with the money. Then someone would draw a picture of the animal we bought and would stick it up on the wall. I know that hundreds of people in need will be grateful for all the animals.

by Madison, Grade 5
The entire Junior School collected money for World Vision. The students were asked to do chores at home in order to raise this money. Through incredible generousity, our school raised $2321.47 for World Vision. This money was used to purchase farm animals and a wood stove for those in need. Congratulations to all the students for showing the virtues of generosity, caring and determination.


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