Christmas Assembly a Joyous Affair

by Tom Zheng, Grade 12

There are only two events at this school that usually involve crowd participation: Mr. Butterfield’s choir class and the annual Christmas Assembly. It was a lovely afternoon and the sun finally decided to come out after about a month or so of the gloomy, disgusting and unnecessary rain. All SMUSdents from across the campuses, about a hundred staff members and many more parents and friends of SMUS crowded into our infamous Double Gym, where the maximum occupancy might be well below that number. (Still looking for the actual data from the fire department).

Nevertheless, it is still amazing to have all of us there, so that we could all notice how cute and intimidated the kindergarteners are when they begin to sing or some may recall, shout the “Twelve Days of Christmas.” With Mr. Snowden being away at this moment (we have no idea where he is), this year Ms. Roth took over as the Master of Ceremonies. As usual, Mr. Reid and his Junior/Senior/Large/Jazz/ “can’t remember the name because they’re so many of them” Ensemble entertained the entire school with many wonderful tunes that makes playing an instrument and even conducting seem so effortless. Mr. Cordle then swayed the audience with his soothing and lovely voice.

It has also been a tradition for the school staff and the Grade 12 students to put on a skit every year and this year was no different.

To many of us, it is rather hard to believe that one can actually purchase a teletubby suit that can fit a six-feet-tall staff member; however, contrary to popular belief, we were proven wrong. Mr. Liggett and Mr. Hall for once put down their economic textbooks and became Grade 1 students while Mr. Leggatt was capable of acting as a grade four. The staff skit was absolutely adored by the audience and it was only overshadowed by the Grade 12 skit titled: “How did Mr. Swine stole Christmas.”

It was a parody of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss” and in the skit, Mr. Swine was trying to inject the entire school with H1N1 formula so that he could leave early for Christmas Vacation; nonetheless he was stopped by Wonjin Kim and Brenna Nixon with the help of Mr. Graham Lilly (Johann Von S.) After about one hour and forty-five minutes of grandiloquent entertainment, the crowd ecstatically sang a number of popular Christmas tunes and the assembly ended with joy. As it was said in our Christmas skit: “The spirit of SMUS will always be there, with the smell of Christmas hanging in the air.”

View three videos from the Christmas Assembly.


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