Grade 8 ESL Trip to the Museum and Theatre

(submitted by Mr. Newman)

On December 9, the Grade 8 ESL students made their first educational foray into the Royal B.C. Museum.  Accompanied by their teachers Mr. Newman and Mrs. Hossack, the nine students from China, Taiwan, Mexico, and Korea enjoyed a self-guided tour through the Modern History section of the museum. They worked in small groups and competed for prizes that were to be awarded the next day. Progressing through the exhibits they listened, read, watched, and creatively answered questions about B.C.’s history.

The group then took a short walk, in the unusually chilly Victoria weather, to a local noodle shop to enjoy the type of food most of them have been longing for since leaving their native country.

The final activity of the day, was watching a performance of the Kaleidoscope production of “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” at the McPherson Playhouse Theatre. The acting and singing of the cast portraying an unusual school Christmas play within a play, was a wonderful representation of our Western Christmas traditions.  It was a fitting follow up to our school Christmas assembly the previous day.

When discussing the field trip the following day, the students revealed how much they appreciated their out-of-class learning experiences, especially the winners of the Modern History competition!


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