Grade 2 Students Bake Up Some Holiday Cheer

by Grade 2 students Seung Choi, Jenna Sedgewick and Angelina Shandro

Over the past few weeks, the Grade 2 class has been baking gingerbread. We voted on four different charities, but we chose Santas Anonymous. Our whole class will be going to Toys ‘R Us on December 15th to use the gingerbread money to buy toys to donate. We will drop the toys off at CFAX 1070.

Mrs. Duffus helped us and taught us how to mix the wet and dry ingredients for the gingerbread dough. We mixed and shook the dry ingredients in a Ziploc bag and some of the bags exploded because of our sharp fingernails. We went to the Senior School to roll and cut the dough. Then Brown Hall baked the cookies for us. We would like to thank the Brown Hall staff for baking our gingerbread. We couldn’t have done it without them.

In the Junior School art room, we worked together to set a world record by sorting the Smarties and M&Ms very quickly. We got into groups of three to decorate the gingerbread. Some of the gingerbread broke, and we put them on a small orange table that we liked to call, “The Hospital for Injured Gingers.”
We baked and decorated 797 cookies and 13 allergy-free ones, which we sold for two dollars each. We haven’t finished selling the cookies, so we don’t know how much we made yet.

We learned the sizes of the cups and how to measure with them. We learned to use the right side of the cookie cutters, and not to use too much flour or our cookies would be wood. We learned that even though we are only kids, we can make a difference in children’s lives. We also learned that if something is really hard, you should always keep working because a little bit of work can make someone’s Christmas a really Merry Merry Christmas!


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