AP Art Students Explore Vancouver

by Kelsey Bjola, Grade 11

On Friday, November 27th, the AP Studio Art class, as well as some Grade 11 art students, made the voyage to Vancouver to take part in a full-day residency at Vancouver Art Gallery. The day started for students and teachers at 5:30 am in order to catch the bus to the ferry for the 7 am boat. As tired as we students were, there was more excitement than fatigue as the ferry left the Swartz Bay Terminal bound for Tsawwassen.

We were greeted by Fiona, our tour guide and teacher for the day, and we started our tour of the Vancouver Art Gallery’s landscape exhibition, “Awakening Horizons.” Fiona discussed the history behind the paintings and photographs in the gallery which included some by Emily Carr and contemporary Vancouver photographer Scott McFarland. Everyone enjoyed the experience and some took particular interest in the “Is Only the Mind Allowed to Wander” exhibit, which included some very interesting pictures as well as a few 3 dimensional pieces. After the tour, we were set free to have our lunch and take pictures around Vancouver for our art assignment of the day.

Our task was to take pictures of things that caught our attention in Vancouver and then integrate them into a watercolour painting, changing the picture in some way. Many people had trouble deciding which pictures to use, as there were so many photographs to choose from. Some people took over one hundred photos in the forty minutes. After the pictures were chosen, they were printed and watercolour paints, pencils, and Crayola markers were brought out in order to create a finished piece worthy of adding to everyone’s art portfolios. They all looked fantastic, and after we had finished our pieces we placed them on the floor and discussed the elements and principles of design used in each piece, which included the use of negative space, colour, shape, and line.

Although the day seemed like it was going to be very long at 5:30 in the morning, it seemed like we had only just gotten to the exhibit before it was time to go. As we boarded the bus for the final time that day, we reflected on the different pieces of art work we had seen, the meanings behind those pieces, and how we felt we did on our art assignment. The art field trip was a fantastic experience, and hopefully there will be more opportunities like this in the future!


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