Carol Service

The Middle School held its annual Carol Service yesterday and it was a fabulous evening. It’s now been a few years that we have held it at Christ Church Cathedral and after holding a combined service with the Senior School three years ago, we are thrilled with being able to hold our very own just for the Middle School community in this beautiful setting.

Indeed, what I particularly enjoy about our Carol Service is that is it just for the Middle School. This allows us to involve all our students in a meaningful way. Greeters, musicians, choirs, soloists, readers, those who composed and read the reflections – they did a wonderful job of representing our school. Each grade sang twice. John Reid, Band  teacher at the Senior School (and former Band and Choir teacher at the Middle School) wrote in part: “I thought the service was beautifully choreographed and I was most impressed with all the choirs. The two and three part harmonies were strong throughout. The readers all did a fine job.” Mr. Reid’s comments echo other remarks that were made by many in attendance.

The venue for our concert makes the occasion somehow even more special. It has now been a few years that our Grade 6 students have had the privilege of singing in the loft by the organ. That’s probably not an experience they will soon forget. Our musicians tackle the daunting task of filling a huge cathedral with their instruments, where the acoustics are quite unforgiving if the note isn’t exactly right. Our readers speak to a large audience. None of these things are easy and yet through the opportunity of taking part in this Carol Service, our students take risks and grow in the process.

Finally, our Middle School staff plays a very important role in the success of this service. Mr. Frater, our choir teacher, Mr. Farish, our band teacher, and Reverend Fletcher, our chaplain, were supported by all the other teachers who assisted with the various tasks associated with the service. It was truly a team effort!

You can read the reflections composed by a few of our students on the SMUS Review and hear songs from the Middle School Carols Service on SMUSTube.


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