Grade 8 Cross Grade PE

Submitted by Mr. Kuklinski

As part of the Grade 8 Physical Education program, the students have a double block of classes each day 1 and 6 during periods 3 and 4. This double block provides an opportunity to take students off campus for some different activities as well as for some on campus activities. The Grade 8 students really look forward to their cross grade activities and this fall has seen them involved in the activities on campus of yoga, squash, and fitness and conditioning training. They have also traveled off campus to try out, for many students for the first time, the activities of curling, martial arts, hip hop dance, and gymnastics including an attempt on all the various types of gymnastics apparatus.  In January, and through the winter term, the students will experience water polo, aikido and jazzercise, and continue with yoga, squash, and fitness and conditioning training.


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