Grade 7/8 Strings Shine in Schaffter Hall

by Athena Kerins, Grade 7

On Wednesday, parents of strings students crowded into Schaffter Hall to hear us play. We had not played in that space before (well, the Grade 8 students had) but we Grade 7 students had watched this year’s Grade 8 students and last year’s Grade 8 students play there. The room was very big room so it was hard to fill with sound. We were well greeted by the parents. In the concert we played many songs ranging from sweet to spicy.

My personal favorite was “Bohemian Dance,” which is fast at the start, then slows before speeding up again. It is a very fun one to play. A few brave and talented people went up and did solos in front of the whole audience. To name a few, Jake Wilmott played a Bach cello suite and Leonard Liao Briere Cadenza played on his violin very well and very fast. We played a song that specializes in the viola section, which is very nice because it is not often they get to shine. It was called “Viola de Gumbo.” We had been practicing for two weeks, so not many of us felt nervous, though I do know some of the soloists did. It was interesting and exciting to be playing on the Senior School campus. Overall, this was a wonderful experience and I look forward to doing it next year.


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