Some Observations from the Canadian Universities Event

  1. McGill still requires that students take the credit for a first year course if they receive a 4 or a 5 on an AP exam. Students cannot opt to not receive the credit.
  2. U of A doesn’t use Lit 12 as one of the 4 academic subjects for admission. It can be used as the 5th course in the same way as Fine Arts courses, Economics 12 and the like. U of A is teaming with the University of Colorado to offer a law degree that will allow students to write the US bar exams. They offer a BSc in Animal Health which would be appropriate for students wanting to care for small animals. One can combine a Drama or Music degree with Education to get a double degree in 5 years.
  3. Acadia gives credit for scores of 3 on AP courses.
  4. Mount Allison has a BSc in Aviation.
  5. St. Thomas has a co-op partnership with CBC for journalism students.
  6. Carleton requires 4 grade 12 subjects and 2 specific grade 11 or 10 subjects for admission – probably not an issue for our students but worth making note of.
  7. Queen’s deadline for the Personal Statement is March 1.
  8. Guelph has a landscape architecture programme.
  9. International students are eligible for Western’s merit scholarships.
  10. Laurier’s business co-op programme is the largest in Canada. They partner with Waterloo for Business and Math and have degree programs in Business and Computer Science and Business and Financial Math.
  11. Emily Carr hosts the national portfolio day on December 5th.
  12. LPI exemption has changed for UBC: 80% interim or 70% final mark in English 12 gives you an exemption.
  13. University of Lethbridge has a Digital Audio Arts major in Music.
  14. University of Manitoba has a full undergrad architecture programme.
  15. Acadia now has a varsity swim program. They have an enrichment program for 50 students called Connections and are continuing their Fly-In program to financial assist students flying in to visit the campus.
  16. Memorial’s tuition is a bargain at $2500.
  17. Concordia has a brand new Business facility.
  18. University of Windsor has a new major in sports studies and science. They have added Environmental Engineering and have lots of money available for scholarships.
  19. ACAD is now accredited internationally.
  20. Lakehead offers free tuition to students with 95%+ averages.
CUE 2009
CUE 2009


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