Athletics Review: Nov 23, 2009

Senior Girls Volleyball
The Senior girls traveled up to Brentwood to compete in the Island championships this past weekend. Due to an upsetting loss to St. Andrews during the city championships, the team went in ranked 7th. Given a tough draw, the girls lost to the second-seated team in the province and host school, Brentwood College. The next match was against a well-known rival, Lambrick Park. Although we have always succumbed to Lambrick’s strength, the girls came out firing in the first set with just coming up short. Unfortunately, the second set was much easier for Lambrick, causing a loss in two sets.

Next the girls were up against St. Andrews, once again, but determined not to lose another game against them; the team served and passed consistently allowing for SMUS to dominate the match. Since the team finished 3rd in their pool, they had a start against Shawingan. Sophia Ducharme started the game off with a 10-point serving streak, leading SMUS to a first set win. The second set was equally exciting with great passing and aggressive attacks from both Annie Pike and Deryn Ramsey.

Unfortunately, the momentum switched near the end of the set and Shawingan won 25-23. The 3rd set would prove to be a mental challenge for each of the girls, as Shawnigan served aggressively and never let up until the end of the match. SMUS lost the third and tied for 5th at Islands. Fortunately, SMUS will be hosting provincials this year and the team is excited to play the top caliber AA teams in BC.


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