Grade 5 Students Review Grade 5 Concert

by Grade 5 students Hannah Kitson, Elise Marchessault, and Katie McAulay

On November 24th at 11:00 am, the Grade 5 students gave a wonderful strings performance. The performed in harmony and unison. Together, the Grade 5 players got a standing ovation. Halfway through the performance, Madison Liew had a beautiful solo called “Sonatina.” The Grade 5 concert started off with a jumpy song called “Buckeye Salute.” They finished with a fiddle tune called “Meetcha at the Post Office.”

At the end, Mrs. Smith threw in a little surprise for the Grade 5 musicians. She challenged them to play “Meetcha at the Post Office” extra fast. The Grade 5 students were outstanding with the help of Jane the pianist.


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