Free the Children Group Visits Junior School

by Madison Hadfield, Grade 10

When you were in Kindergarten, did you have any idea what clubs and councils you would join in nine years? On November 20th, a group of six Senior School students from Grades 9-12 headed down to the Junior School first thing in the morning to give a presentation about Free The Children. The objective was to show all the students who are either brand new to the Junior School or just about ready to head to Middle School one of the service initiatives that will be available to them in the future. We wanted to share the concept that many of the 60 Free the Children members in the Senior School learned at the We Day Conference; we wanted them to understand how important it is to think less “me” and more “we”!

Free The Children is reaching out helping all over the world, in places like Sri Lanka, Ecuador, China, India, and Sierra Leone. They are the largest network of children helping children all over the world. The six of us shared with the kids how the Senior School is connected to Free the Children. We told them about the Adopt a Village programme, and how we have adopted a village in Sri Lanka, and now, Ecuador.

The kids seemed really enthused about our efforts, and hopefully we were able to inspire them to get involved as soon as possible. It was an amazing thing, to be able to go and try and inspire the kids that will grow up to be involved in the things we are so passionate about now. The six of us are definitely excited to go visit the Junior School again!

by Donovan Sturdy, Grade 5

Mr. Cook and some students from the Senior School came and talked to us in assembly. They talked about service and going to Me to We Day in Vancouver, where they heard many famous speakers that have done lots of service. Nick Considine also gave a speech about service at the Junior School because we won an award for best service for an elementary school. It was a very interesting assembly.


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