Spirited Week at SMUS

by Wonjin Kim, Head Boy

It’s not at many high schools in Canada that a student has the chance to witness a friend debut his quasi-rock song, bombard their least favourite teacher with dodgeballs, give rise to a neon-yellow, feathered jaguar, challenge a teacher on her knowledge of the Black Eyed Peas, and partake in a massive school-wide game of Capture the Flag all in the space of one week. At SMUS, however, we were able to achieve this during Spirit Week, which took place from November 16th – 20th.

The purpose of Spirit Week is mainly to generate a school-wide sense of spirit, and to have all of the student body together at one event cheering on their respective houses. The council that headed Monday’s activities was Arts Council. They put on an acoustic concert at lunch, which showcased the musical and poetic talents of several SMUS students in front of a packed lecture theatre. On Tuesday, it was time to get active as the Athletics Council organized a house dodgeball tournament. At the end of the day, Bolton/Timmis came away with the best record and won a handful of house points.

Student Council took on Wednesday’s activities and challenged the students’ artistic abilities in a cross-grade colouring competition. On Thursday, the Academic Council pitted the students against the staff members in a quiz show setting called “Are You Smarter than a Staff Member.” Watching Mr. Young answer questions about the Paradisco Girls’ latest album? Priceless. To wrap up the week, the International Council organized a huge game of Capture the Flag between the Canadian and international students. In all, Spirit Week was a great success, and it was awesome to see so many of the students supporting their houses.


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