Rave Reviews for Fahrenheit 451

Tonight is the last night for parents, faculty and students to catch the SMUS Theatre Society’s production of Fahrenheit 451, a play based on the dystopian novel by Ray Bradbury. The cast and crew have put much effort in bringing this dark and dramatic piece to the SMUS stage and have received much praise around campus for their strong performances and illusory special effects.

Anyone who has already seen the play is encouraged to leave their thoughts in the comments section!

“The best student society production yet” – Mr. David Gauthier, Head of Drama

“Bradbury’s play is a very challenging dramatic piece to for a student theatre society to tackle, and I thought they did a superb job of it. I was definitely impressed with the way Faber (Will) and Montag (Richard) handled the coordinated delivery of their lines (with that intentional delay) in the midst of the fast-paced verbal jousting with the Captain Beatty (Brian). Similarly, I thought at several points that the multiple voices of the fragments was also very effective; it must have taken an incredible amount of work to perfect their timing. The interplay between several of the characters was also very believable, and the overall message really came out in the end. It always impresses me to see what talent we have at this school, and once again I was impressed with the results of all their hard work. Bravo!” – Mr. Campbell Hall, Director of Boarding


  1. F451 was brilliant – great acting, beautiful set, and impressive directing. I am so very impressed and proud of the cast and crew. The Theatre Society has done another epic production.


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