Junior School Service Applauded

This week, the SMUS Junior school was recognized for its many service initiatives at the annual Youth in Philanthropy awards. Grade 5 student Nick Considine accepted the award on behalf of his school and was featured on A Channel News. Below is the speech Nick gave at the awards ceremony.

by Nick, Grade 5

Good morning. I am Nick and I am a Grade 5 student at St. Michaels University School – Junior School. We are very involved in service at our school and I would like to thank The United Way for sponsoring this event today and for recognizing our school for our work in helping others.

At our school students can fill out a leadership proposal form if they want to help charities that we think are important. As an example, last year a group of my friends put together a project for the Free the Children organization. With our teacher’s help, we put together school and health kits to send to Kenya with our Senior School students who went to build a school there.

The whole school gets involved in our service activities. Every week on Monday morning, we have Chapel where quite often we have our reverend or director talk about the virtues of service or sometimes share a story with us. We try to support many charities in our city and further away – to help those who need it. The soup drive after Christmas has become a bit of a competition between the classes to see who can collect the most soup cans. These are just a few examples of things we do.

Helping others is important to me and all of the children that I go to school with. We love to help because we know that what we are doing will make many people’s lives easier.


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