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The Senior School campus held a moment of silence this morning at 11:00 in honour of Remembrance Day. Though the school was unable to hold its usual large-scale event, students marked the day in their classrooms and some came into the quad to bow their heads, after a performance of “Last Post.” The letter written by R.V. Harvey, which is traditionally read, was posted online. The Junior School also held a small ceremony, featuring Middle School musicians as well as readings from Junior School students. Gillian Donald, parent, writes about the Junior School ceremony below.

by Gillian Donald, parent

At the Junior School remembrance service this week, I along with other parents, alumni, students, staff and faculty reflected on Remembrance Day with music, hymns and words. The Grade 5 students took the lead at the service, starting with the reading of “Micah” by Donovan Sturdy and Sophie Jones. Joshua Litton and Jill Taylor told “The Story of Sadako,” the real-life account of a Japanese girl who developed leukemia as a result of the atom bomb that fell when she was two. Sadako folded over 1000 paper cranes before her death at the age of 12, and the cranes have become a symbol of peace around the world.

The Grade 2 students also contributed by impressively reciting the poem “In Flanders Field” and two Grade 5 students, Joshua Benjamin and Erin Forbes, shared “Why Wear a Poppy.” The Grade 8 strings students, with pianist Vivian Lam and Senior School trumpeter Chris Fenje, provided much of the music for the ceremony, and the Grade 5 choir, performed, “May I Learn to be Silent.” The service concluded with Reverend Fletcher leading a prayer, students Max Olberg and Mittia Sanati laying the wreath, and the St. Michaels School Hymn.


  1. Hello, age:9
    I though it was a wounderful Jr. school reamberance day service! Moast kids think its a boring to sit through long services, but it really makes me think how luckey Iam to live in Canada.
    When the Gr.5 sung there song it was so wonderful that it sounded like they wear Gr.7 singing. The Gr.2 poen was great. I know that they spent alot of time pratcing, Because when i was in Gr.2 I praticed so much to get it perfect. I heard that the middle school reamberancene day service was canceled. Its to bad because it is really really awsome service.

    Rachel Grohovac


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