Science Students Look Into Their Hearts

by Emma Donald, Grade 8

On Thursday, November 5th, both of Ms. Van Alstine’s Science 8 classes completed a sheep heart dissection. As I’m sure you could expect, there were lots of cries of “Eww, gross!” from everywhere in the classroom, as we were instructed to stick our fingers inside of the aorta, the largest artery in the heart and when we had to use our scalpels to cut open the left and right ventricles.

But, despite this experience being mildly disgusting, it was actually very interesting and surprisingly helpful to those of us who were still having trouble with understanding how the heart worked. This dissection supplied us with a 3-D diagram that was ours to experiment with and observe. Another interesting aspect was that, although Ms. Van Alstine was around to help if we needed, we were basically allowed to experiment and complete the lab by ourselves. This was exciting, because we felt more like real scientists.

Going into this lab everyone felt a little squeamish but by the end of it I’m proud to say my class’ cries of “Eww, gross!” turned into whispers of “Ooh, cool!” The sheep heart dissection lab was fun and educational and all I have to say is I can’t wait for the cow eye dissection!


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