Looking for an inside scoop?


If you are wandering (or wading) through college or university websites, you might want to add a different approach to your virtual touring. There are quite a few independent sites you can check out to find “insider” information, including:

  • videos of campus life
  • student opinions on what it’s really like to live in residence
  • ratings on how good the food is
  • FAQ’s by students
  • nightlife in the area
  • student amenities, services, and activities

Remember: These sites do not replace the official university/college website! You must visit the official sites for all important details regarding application and programme information.

For Canadian universities, check out UTours or the Globe & Mail’s GlobeCampus.

For American colleges/universities, you can try  Zinch or College Confidential.

(On the Zinch site, you can also create a profile that some colleges may look at and start wooing you!)

Happy surfing!

Alison McCallum
Alison McCallum is Head of University Counselling at SMUS and one of the Academic Advisors.


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