U15 Girls Share Their Soccer Experience

by Grade 8 students Jenna Dhillon, Ali Murtland and Sam Colby

After we arrived in Toronto for the U15 CAIS tournament, which consisted of 16 teams, we spent our first day touring the city. Our first stop was Eaton Centre mall, followed by lunch at the legendary Hard Rock Cafe. At the CN tower, we took a ride on the Himalamazon, a motion theatre ride, and rode a glass elevator up to 1,136 feet in the air. Next up was the skypod, the world’s highest observation deck at 1,456 feet off the ground. There, we enjoyed a great 360 degree view.

We wanted to stop at Much Music and we jumped off our bus and ran towards the building. The entire team screamed as we were invited onto a MuchMusic show for free! We couldn’t stay, but we got to meet VJ Tim Deegon. Then we finally got to play soccer!

Our first game was against Halifax Grammar School. At the end of a hard game, they won 5-0. They were a tough team and went on to win the entire tournament. Our next game was against Holy Trinity and this time the scores went our way, as the game ended at 5-0 for us. Our last game that day was against Sacred Heart for a spot in the championship league. That game, our Grade 9 teammates played their hearts out, especially Abbey Piazza, Sydney Green and Orla Glen, who was injured. The game sadly ended with a tie, putting us in the 2nd league.

Though we had a rouch start, the next day we were not ready to lay down and play dead. OUr first game was another somewhat disappointing game against GNS, with a score of 5-1 for them. Though we lost our first game, from then on in it was “game on.”

We played King Edge Hill and won 5-0. For our last game, we played Trafalgar School and ended with a great score of 4-0. We had made it into the semi-finals for the 2nd league and were playing The Study school from Quebec. In that game, we gave it our all and were rewarded with a score of 3-0. In the finals, were met GNS again and we were ready to claim victory.

The game was very tense and at the end, the score was 0-0, so we played two five-minute halves for overtime, and then it went into a shoot out. Leah Hall did an amazing job and stopped two goals. Our kickers were Hannah McElderry, Sydney Green and Shannon Toogood. In the end, all the kickers got in except for Abbey, whose goal was very close.

So we won our final game and placed first in the 2nd league and 8th overall out of 16 teams. Finally, it was time to go home and rest. We headed home with a few injuries, but all was was worth the amazing experience. We’re ready for another great season!



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