Students Celebrate the Dead

by Marilu Vidaurri, Grade 12 boarder

This Monday, a group of the Mexican students from SMUS, alongside some of the Spanish department students and staff, such as Ms. Calderon and Ms. Anderson, put together a beautiful and very colorful altar de muertos. This was a representative celebration of the dia de muertos or “Day of the Dead.” El Día de los Muertos is a holiday celebrated by the Mexican and Latino cultures to remember friends, and family who have passed away.

This celebration occurs on Nov. 1, and people usually take food and more ofrendas (gifts) to their relatives. This is just a way to honor the deceased and remember them with joy and happiness. In the altar it is very common to find sugar skulls, and the favorite food and beverages of the departed.

Our celebration took place at lunch in Cr 205, where more than 20 students and teachers gathered to try some typical mexican dishes such as mole, champurrado, and chicharrones. Decorated in papel picado (Mexican decorative paper), and filled up with Mexican music, the celebration was a blast, and some of our international, as well as Canadian students and staff got to know and appreciate a little bit more about this remarkable holiday!


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