Athletics Review: Nov 2, 2009

Fifty-five members of the SMUS rowing team and their parents experienced all sorts of weather over two days of racing at the 24th Annual 2nd Regatta held at Elk Lake. In their second regatta of the short season, the team made 14 finals of the 18 events that they were entered in and won 8 of these events. The coaches are proud of the entire team’s efforts, both on and off the water. It is a pleasure to work with a great bunch of athletes!



Senior Girls 1X (single)

1st (Maryann Watson)

Senior Girls
2X (double)

6th (Rachel Ellis,Jessica Spoor)

Senior Girls 4X (quad)

1st (Maryann Watson, Michelle Aylard, Sydney Stockus, Caryn Dooner

Senior Girls 8+

1st (Alicia Pawluk, Maryann Watson, Michelle Aylard, Caryn Dooner, Sydney Stockus, Rachel Ellis, Holly Trew, Erica Choi, Jessica Spoor

Senior Boys 8+

3rd (Alicia Pawluk, Maxim Ellison, Aidan Morrice, Kieran Hyatt, Johann von Schack, Josh Edgar, Harrison Duncan, Alistair Bryson, Stefan Hall

Senior Boys 4X

6th (Maxim Ellison,Aidan Morrice, Kieran Hyatt, Johann von Schack)

Senior Boys Novice 8+

1st (Sky Richards, Kieran Hyatt, Johann von Schack, Alistair Bryson, Harrison Duncan, Andrew Henning, Stefan Hall, Fraser McGee, Ian Kapron-King)

Senior Boys 1X

4th (Maxim Ellison)

Junior Girls 4X

3rd (Cortney Ewonus, Katherine Fretz, Hannah Nielsen, Alexis Thind)
4th (Gwen O’Connor, Rebecca Beradelli, Erynn Pawluk, Gabby Jezilakov)

Junior Novice Girls 8+

3rd (Sage Friswell, Alexis Thind, Hannah Nielsen, Gwen O’Connor, Valerie Irvine, Calina Kim, Olivia Pierce, Bairavi Murugakumar, Lihani Du Plessis)

Junior Girls 8+

1st (Sage Friswell, Rebecca Berardelli, Cortney Ewonus, Gabby Jezliakov, Katherine Freyz, Alexis Thind, Hannah Nielsen, Gwen O’Connor, Erynn Pawluk)

Junior Boys 8+

1st (Erynn Pawluk, Luke Friswell, Liam Hyatt, Julien Bryant, Jacky Chuang, Emiliano Iturriaga, Rio Hong, Ju Yong Shin, Logan Gilmore)

Junior Novice Boys 4X

1st (Logan Gilmore, Marcus Lelewski, Robert Wyatt, Chris Fenje)

Junior Novice Boys 8+

1st (Chris Fenje, Ju Yong Shin, Rio Hong, Marcus Lelewski, Logan Gilmore, Jacky Chuang, Emiliamo Iturriaga, Nicholas Cunningham, Julian Bryant)

Next up for the team are the City Championships, November 14-15th, 2009 at Elk Lake.

Senior Cross-Country
Last Wednesday, the Senior cross-country team went to Beaver Lake for the Island Championships. In all, 23 SMUS runners from all grade levels took part in the event. The conditions were cool, but the rain did hold off just long enough to get through the event.

At the Islands, there are two ways of qualifying through to the Provincials. As an individual, you qualify yourself by finishing in the top 20 overall. The other avenue of making it through is to be one of the top four teams (of five runners) overall.

In the Senior girls 4.2k race, there were approximately 150 girls running, and right off the start, the SMUS girls were a little slow off the line and fell to the middle of the pack. However, as all great SMUS athletes do, the team showed determination and heart, and one by one each member clawed their way up through the ranks as the race went on. At the finish line, no runner of the SMUS team finished in the top 20, but the team appeared to do reasonably well. Coaches Tobacco and Hunt knew at this point it was going to be very close. As the results were announced, the team was ecstatic when the SMUS Senior girls were told they had captured 4th place. Congratulations to the following girls for having such an awesome race: Jocelyn Stedman, Raquel Solmer, Hannah Nielsen, Erin Hope, Laura Simandl, Laura Dale and captain Lisa Evans.

In the 6.2k Senior boys event, the competition was equally as fierce and the team was hoping to have the same good fortune as the girls. The field would have around 200 runners for this event. At the starting gun, a few SMUS athletes, including Leo Marchand kicked it on turbo mode right from the get go. And at the 2k interval, things looked very good for the top three SMUS boys, but it appeared that our 4th and 5th runners were back quite a distance. By the 4k interval, Leo Marchand found another level and rounded the crowd in 12th place. At the finishing line, it was Leo who remarkably finished in 15th place, qualifying himself individually for the provincials.

The Senior boys team of Leo Marchand, Mark Wizinsky, Austin Smith, Alex Preis and Cole Turner did extremely well to finish in 7th place. It was not quite the result the team was looking for, however, qualifying for the provincials for the boys would really have been a remarkable feat (especially when you consider the team was without standout runners Tyler Olsen, Chris Madsen and Dawit Workie due to injury and/or sickness).

The Senior girls team, along with Leo Marchand, now travel to White Rock next weekend to compete in the BC championships. Congratulations to all at the Islands and best of luck at the provincials!

Grade 8 Rugby
The Grade 8 rugby team travelled to Ladysmith this past Tuesday for their return match. Illness continued to dog the side with a number of players unavailable. Playing on the large Ladysmith field led to a free flowing game with both sides running the ball at every opportunity. Beginning very well, the team scored a number of tries in the first half, including two quality multi-phase team tries.

The second half was a slightly different affair with Ladysmith playing much stronger against a fading SMUS team that dropped off their tackles. Just enough was done though for the team to score a few more tries to garner the win. Top performers on the day were lock Levi Supowitz, scrumhalf Jeremy Chan, the centre pairing of Zach Khan and Grade 7 Max Pollen, and wing Sean MacArthur.

Most unfortunately, due to the continuing number of illnesses and injuries in the team, the decision was made not to travel for the return match to St. Georges on Halloween. Hopefully with a few days of relative rest, the side will be good to go for their final match of the season, hosting Shawnigabn Lake School on Tuesday, November 3rd with a 3:30 pm kick off.

Senior Girls Volleyball
After a weekend filled with volleyball, the Senior girls were at Oak Bay for Tuesday night of league. The girls served aggressively against St. Andrews earning a win in the both sets of the match. Next, the team had retribution on Oak Bay by winning the first set. The girls played stellar defense and the fierce attacks lead by Sophia Ducharme and Annie Pike made for an exciting game. Unfortunately, SMUS lost the second set 24-26 but the team showed determination and character by coming back by a major deficit near the end of the game.

On the weekend, SMUS hosted the ISA tournament for senior girls volleyball. All of the teams this year were really competitive and although it was unsuccessful in terms of wins, the team gelled and it was an excellent experience. The team really worked together on the court, however, Sophia Ducharme, Michelle Yim and Annie Pike were particularly outstanding. Great job everyone!

Junior Boys Soccer
In their last game, the Junior boys faced Glenlyon Norfolk. Results over the course of the short season meant a play-off spot was mathematically out of reach for the team. The boys were up for the match and they were determined to finish the season in positive style.

From the start, the team played with passion and intensity. After only three minutes, Jorge Canedo managed to break free of his check in the final third, dribble in, and fire in the first goal. Soon after, the boys started to gain control of the midfield, winning tackles and passing confidently. After many marauding runs at the back line, Juan Pedro Gandoulf found the net twice in the first half. Later, in the second half, SMUS continued to dominate the game, and within minutes of coming into the match, Charles Yang managed to find the back of net after battling for the ball inside the eighteen. It was a great win and a very positive end to the season for the Junior boys soccer team.

The coaches would like to thank the boys for a great season. We hope to see them out next September.


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