Torch Fever Touches SMUS

Four members of our school community – two students, a recent graduate and a bus driver – took part in the Olympic torch run in Victoria today.

Sean Wiggins ’09 was the first to touch the torch, which was handed to him by champion rower and 2008 gold medal winner Derek Porter. Sean, as part of the Victoria City Rowing Club/Greater Victoria Youth Rowing Society crew, made history today, as this was the first time in the history of the Olympic torch that it traveled in a rowing scull. Fittingly, this took place at Elk Lake, where all three of Canada’s Olympic gold-winning Heavy Man Eights (1984, 1992, 2008) have trained at some point.

Less than an hour later, another SMUS rower, Alicia Pawluk, carried the torch a short 300 metres before passing on the flame. The torch Alicia carried will be kept by SMUS. Grade 11 student James Mather also participated as a torch bearer in Saanich.

Dean Walker, one of our transportation staff, ran down Foul Bay Road, bringing the torch closer to downtown, where there will be a city-wide celebration tonight and where more than a few SMUS students will be performing as part of the festivities.


  1. We are in a time where it seems difficult to embrace elements of our lives which can and do have real positive effects on many a young and old life alike.The Torch Run in this Olympics is proving to be a moving and most memorable experience which I believe will have lasting and inspiring impact on many.

  2. I will never understand the value placed on the Olympics in modern times. It stands for corporate money, plain and simple.
    While the government spends hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars on something nobody voted for, we the people struggle to fund health care, education and many social issues. The funding of the olympic elite is a travesty and being “proud” to carry a flame seems ridiculous in the extreme. Bah humbug to the games for the rich.


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