Grade 4 Students Explore Wetlands

by the Grade 4 classes

Last week, we visited Swan Lake to learn about habitats and what animals and plants do in their natural habitat, the wetlands. We met Mr. Wrinkles, who is a Western Red Painted Turtle, and learned what predators he would face in the wild. Using nets on long poles, we caught some plants, insects and fish that live in the lake and got to see them up close. We also learned to identify different plants that grow around the lake.

The best parts of the trip were walking on the boardwalk, which has tires underneath it so it floats, and meeting Mr. Wrinkles. We also learned lots of thing, like:

  • The red osier dogwood can live in water or live where it is really dry.
  • The damselfly nymph breathes underwater and is related to the dragonfly.
  • The turtle lays its eggs in the ground to keep the eggs safe from predators.

It was a very fun trip and we want to go back one day.


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