What I have learned so far…


Well, after two months in the University Counselling office, I have had the opportunity to sit in on many university presentations. Most visits are a whirlwind tour of application deadlines, testing requirements, academic programs, extracurricular opportunities, and scholarship/financial aid information. But here are a few interesting tidbits I have absorbed along the way:

  • Both Chris Martin and Ghandi went to University College London
  • Smith College has a “Crap-apella” group: unaccompanied warbling opportunity for the bad singer
  • George Washington U is located in the area known as “Foggy Bottom”
  • St George’s College, University of London is in an area called “Tooting”
  • the city of Cardiff has both free bicycles and free buses in the city centre
  • the University of Puget Sound has produced the highest number of Peace Corps volunteers for a school their size
  • most American schools say that the interview is optional, but a higher percentage of students who do the interview are successful
  • you can study the wild west at Whitman for an entire term, off-campus
  • the cut-off to get into Science at UBC last year was 89%. 89%!
  • School of Oriental and African Studies, better know as SOAS (pronounced phonetically), is about so much more than the “Orient” and Africa
  • Chapman is “down the road” from Disneyland. Space mountain, anyone?

How are YOU going to pick where to go?

Alison McCallum
Alison McCallum is Head of University Counselling at SMUS and one of the Academic Advisors.


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