Nikki Chooi In Concert at SMUS

by Sydney, Grade 8 strings student

This past Tuesday my friends and I had the pleasure of hearing an amazing performance by Nikki Chooi and his accompanist, Michael Drislane. Nikki was born in Victoria and has been studying violin since the age of four with several notable teachers. He has also competed in the Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow in 2007.

His current instrument is the Bartolomeo Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu violin (1729) on loan to him from the Canada Council Instrument Bank and it made such a beautiful sound. He filled the room with not only the sound of the instrument but the emotion from each and every song. For every piece he played there was a different emotion. The “Caprice No. 13” by Paganini was full of excitement, and while playing the short violin solo piece by J.S. Bach, Mr. Chooi exuded serenity.

The way he set up the program kept the audience interested and the variety of composers was lovely. Every piece kept my attention, but my favourite pieces were summer and spring by Vivaldi from “The Four Seasons.”

Everything was impeccable from the sound that both Mr. Chooi and Mr. Drislane produced to the emotion that they put into it and the presentation of the performance. Overall this was an extraordinary concert and it was well appreciated by the many musicians from Middle and Senior School who attended.


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