Grade 5 Students Take the Lead

by Kathleen Cook

On Friday, October 16th the Grade 5 students participated in a special leadership Assembly. Ms. Richards and I spoke about Leadership at the Junior School and the fact that all students are encouraged to be leaders. Each student prepared for this assembly in their life skills class. In the assembly, each student made a speech in front of their parents, the teachers and children of the Junior School about what leadership meant to them. The Grade 5 students did an outstanding job of presenting their ideas to this community. Following the speeches each student was presented with a leadership pin that they are now wearing proudly on their blazers. Parents and children joined together for a refreshment time following the ceremony to celebrate the success of these young leaders.

“To me, being a good leader is to follow through with your promises and putting your words into actions. Listening to what other people have to say and being open to what they’ve said, then voicing yours and their opinions. You should improve what can be improved, be able to compromise and make as many people happy as possible. Two of the most important things to me are to never give up, even when the going gets ‘tough’ and don’t dream small, dream big, then turn it into reality.” – Nick Considine

More thoughts on leadership from the Grade 5 students

“Throughout my years of school I’ve seen other Grade 5’s showing kindness and respect to others and that’s what leadership means to me.” – Riley Clare

“Being a leader means being kind, caring, helpful, responsible and setting a good example for the younger kids.” – Andrew Partyka

“I don’t think leaders have to be bold, they can be shy too.” – Jessalyn McElderry

“I have wanted to be a Grade 5 leader ever since Grade 1. But then I noticed that you could be a leader, just by being kind and listening to others. Everyone can be a leader, big or small.” – Alana Hawes

“I believe leadership means standing up for what you believe in, and not what your friend believes.” – Laura Williams

“What leadership means is citizenship, safety, responsibility and service.” – Ben Wingert

“Leadership is encouraging others not to quit. I think anyone can be a leader – they just have to try hard.” – Joshua Benjamin

“To me leadership means to show service and honesty but always stick to what you believe in.” – Noah High

“Leadership is wearing a blazer, sitting in the back row of the gym and being one of the people I used to look up to – but now we are those people!” – Maggie Manson-Blair

“What leadership means to me is doing things without being asked.” – Hannah Kitson

“It means respecting everyone for who they are on the inside.” – Madison Liew

“Leadership means to admit mistakes that you have made, stand up for what you believe is right and don’t make a promise you cannot keep.” – Mattia Sanati

“To me leadership is being helpful and being humorous about things. Being humorous is good because you can’t be serious about everything.” – Ricky Fabris

“The most important part, I think, of being a leader is getting involved with the school activities. I am enjoying being a crossing guard this year.” – Rowan Ko

“I think a good leader is someone who helps others in need. For example, when some Grade 5 students helped younger kids in the Terry Fox walk.” – Miwa Masuda

“Leadership is helping others. I am very excited to be a leader this year and I hope that I am a good one.” – Max Olberg

“You should be friendly, not mean, because then some people might not call you a leader – they might just call you a Grade fiver.” – Anna Mollenhauer

“Leadership means taking action in the world and in your house and even in your community.” – Jamison Schulz-Franco

“I think leadership is like a hike, and just like in hiking, in leadership you should go back if you think that you might have made a wrong turn.” – Erin Forbes


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