Kenyan Crafts Support New Business Venture

by Peter Harrison, Grade 10 student

As part of our Business Education 10 class, my group is selling goods to help support Kenyan youths in Africa. Through a group called Mobile Movement, we have established relations with different organizations in Nairobi, Kenya. This Friday, October 16, will be our first craft fair on campus.

Every time you buy something from us a percentage goes directly to the Kenyan youths who are trying to rebuild their communities. We will be buying from different groups and helping them to market their products. We hope to make enough profit that we can provide them with a microloan.

Our goals are to provide good quality Kenyan crafts, offer the makers of these crafts a fair price for their products and to open up a new outlet for their products, including ornate bone jewelry, intricate bead bowls and colourful t-shirts.

We are helping the Manygrow group to establish sustainable agriculture, the Victorious Youth Group to build safe buildings, and the Nairobi Disabled Empowerment (NADEP) organization to help people with disabilities.

We are doing this to create a link between ourselves and new people, as well as to develop practical business skills. Both groups will benefit from this relationship and our group will help these communities in Nairobi. Please come by our craft fair this Friday and support the work of people from one of the poorest areas of the world.

To follow our progress with these Kenyan groups, to see the amazing work that our suppliers are doing in Nairobi, and to learn about Mobile Movement, visit their website.


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