SMUS Culture Shows

by Mue I, Grade 11 student

International Council started with the first cultural week, “Japanese and South East Asian Week” from September 22-25th. Since last year, we are having each country’s weeks to show our different cultures to everyone.

International Council started to promote understanding and tolerance of other cultures on campus. What we basically do is make students understand and enjoy the different cultures, and at the same time to raise funds to eventually bring a student to SMUS from a developing country. We have cultural weeks which can include sale of food items, theme nights in Brown Hall, demonstrations, guest performers, student performers, sport games, movies, videos in the Tuck Shop, guest speakers, student speeches in Chapel, and so on.

During this first week, we showed cultures of Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. We had a theme dinner in Brown Hall which encompassed all the cultures. We had sushi selling in the quad at lunch time and they all were gone very quickly. On Friday, I talked about the difficulties and differences of joining a different culture and the importance of helping each other to have the best school life. Other than those special events, we also had flower arrangement and origami sculpture displayed in the library with the information boards of the cultures. There was a sumo wrestling tape shown in the Tuck Shop and around the school, there were many language posters of Malay, Pilipino, Thai and Japanese.

We also have a cultural extravaganza in the Spring which includes country booths, sale of individual country food like bubble tea, stage performances, and cultural games. Last year, we had singing, dancing, Taichi and those cool and cultural thing that is not be seen usually. In cultural extravaganza, we also have Canadian and International Marketplace to sell goods from countries around the world.

Every year, all the students are very excited about the cultural weeks since there are many cool and fun events going on. And most importantly, we want SMUS students to know there are a lot of kinds of people across the world. They all are different and it is really hard to understand the differences completely. However, if you try to understand and to live together, the best life exists.


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