Grade 6 Students Look Into Lake Life

by the Grade 6 class

This week we want to Swan Lake to learn about the different organisms that live in the lake. We learned about the history of the lake, and how the lake had changed over the last 150 years, like how fertilizer from farms made more algae grow. To catch things, we used nets and buckets. Hidden in the plants, like duck weed, were tiny creatures.

The microscopes were really cool and let you zoom in on things. We used two kinds of microscopes. One was for studying the little fish and insects and one was really small things, like water mites. We all shared the creatures we found with each other. Plankton, side swimmers, and Some of us even caught tiny fish. We got to see a water stick bug, which one of the guides found. Also, we saw a snake and a turtle, named Mr. Wrinkles, which live in tanks inside.

It was very exciting to see the many different creatures that live in the lake and to use the microscopes to see them up close. We had a great time being outside, learning about the lake, and drawing pictures of the things we found. Margaret, our teacher that day, was nice and smart. It was so much fun.


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