Mr. Humphries has a new #1!


One of the great things about working in University Counselling at SMUS is that during visits to great universities, I am repeatedly inspired and excited when I discover a gem. While in Baltimore recently for the annual conference of the National Association of College Admission Counselors, Mrs. Casey and I took a tour of the main campus of Johns Hopkins University.  [This is not the medical campus and does not include the Peabody School of Music.]  This university is my new #1 in the USA.  [Last year it was Washington University in St. Louis, and WUSTL is still a close second.]  JHU has always been known for its medical school and one could not argue with its top ranking.  As well, the Peabody School of Music, which is part of JHU, is one of the best music schools on the continent.  However, JHU is also a superb choice for students who are not interested in music or medicine, but who do want a superb liberal arts education on a wonderful, vibrant, welcoming campus.  Photo upper left – JHU’s Keyser Quadrangle.  Below – Baltimore’s Inner Harbour.


  1. Good choice: I got my PhD there!
    In fact, Hopkins is the site for the Applied Physics Lab & Hubble Space Telescope, where I did my graduate work. So it’s great in Physics and Astronomy. It also has a very good engineering dept and bio-engin. dept. For those interested in politics, it is the host of SAIS, which is a political science school with a satellite near Obama’s home (the White House).
    The med school is great and the program includes the possibility of an MD+PhD in epidemiology, which leads to a cross-over of medicine & policy making.
    But the main attraction to Hopkins is that it’s one of the smallest research universities in the US. Class size is small and students are highly motivated.


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