Student Reflections on Nash Visit: Part 2

by Jamie Yorath, basketball player and Grade 12 student

On Friday, September the 18th, Steve Nash returned to his former high school, giving the students of St. Michaels a rare opportunity to meet a hometown hero. In a humble and low-key manner, Nash highlighted his most important memories from his time at SMUS. Rather than indulging us with stories of his basketball heroics, Nash instead offered his thoughts on the true importance of the school and what we should really take away from our time here. Nash especially reflected on the importance of relationships between teammates, peers, teachers and friends. He also reminded us how his success was a result of hard work and encouraged us to put forth a passionate effort in all aspects of life.

After a short speech directed to students, teachers and honoured guests, Nash entertained his audience by answering student-generated questions. His responses were humorous, thoughtful and insightful and he related to us on a personal level rather than as a famous celebrity. Nash willingly answered questions ranging from his philanthropic organization to his strict diet to his relationship with Shaquille O’Neal.

Nash is an inspiring role model for all of us. He is an outstanding athlete with an incredible work ethic and he behaves honourably both on and off the court. Nash has consistently shown compassion for others and has donated millions of dollars to various charities. He will continue to be an influential figure throughout the world for his contributions to both sport and the welfare of the less fortunate. St. Michaels University School is honoured to be associated with such a fine individual and Nash’s visit to the school will have a lasting impact.


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