Student Reflections on Nash Visit: Part 1

by Mark Jiang, e-team member and Grade 12 student

“And no matter what… never lose that joy, that spark, that sports and life offer…”
– Steve Nash

This past Friday, Steve Nash showed St. Michaels University School that his quick reactions and his creativity in tight situations are far from just limited to the court. Bombarded with an eclectic onslaught of questions that ranged from inquiring about the origin of his charity foundation to “Can you dunk?”, to me it was a wonder that Steve didn’t just flee the building, as a lesser man surely would have done; but not only did the man hold his ground, Steve rose to the challenge of every question with detailed, witty, and often inspiring responses. Mr. Nash was even nice enough to share with us his own secret to success, stressing the importance of setting clear goals for ourselves and making every action count and every minute last. He told us that we are privileged in that, with enough dedication, every one of our goals can be achieved and each of our dreams can become reality.

Steve Nash himself is living testimony to the effectiveness of his approach to life – a guy who went from dribbling basketballs in the garage on a rainy day to sinking shot after shot on the heated courts of the NBA. But what impressed me most about Steve was not his ridiculous basketball skills, nor even his ability to keep his cool under the relentless gaze of a thousand fawning students, but rather his astonishing humility and compassion. Steve acknowledged that although he would not have got to where he is without a lot of hard work, he definitely wouldn’t have got to where he is now if he had been born to an impoverished family in the third-world. He made it clear to us that we are so privileged in the sense that with enough hard work, the sky is the limit, while for countless other teenagers in the world, hard work is the difference between survival and death.

Mr. Nash admitted to us that in the beginning, he was apprehensive about giving his name to charities, but he later realized that the potential notoriety that he could attain was nothing compared to the amount of good he could do in the world. During the first assembly of the year, Ms. Roth told us that Steve Nash was a “philanthropist first, and a basketball player second” and you know what, I think I’m going to have to agree with her on this one.

Mr. Steve Nash, thanks for coming. You are a true hero, and you’re a pretty cool guy, too.


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