School in Full Swing

Last week, SMUS welcomed almost 200 new students, including 85 new boarders. Our returning boarders were on hand to help the new arrivals find their room, navigate the campus and to welcome them to SMUS. This year, students have come from as far away as Bahrain, Russia and Switzerland and as always, the new members of the SMUS family are as eclectic as they are unique.

Here are a few of the new faces dotting our campus this year:

  • A provincially-ranked tennis player who does magic shows
  • A soccer player from Mexico who has traveled to Europe to play for his country
  • The top triathlete in BC
  • A girl from Thailand who is a singing, violin-playing athlete
  • A boy who completed his first novel when he was 12
  • The scrum-half for the national Champion BC U15 rugby squad
  • A nationally-ranked squash player from Saskatoon
  • As aspiring aeronautical engineer enrolled in Grade 6

The first weekend of boarding is always devoted to house games, with the students donning their own house colours and competing against each other in the first of many events that will continue until the final battle, the House Olympics, is waged is June. This year, the boarders also managed to fit in a run along the scenic Dallas Rd, where they and their house parents enjoyed a view of the ocean while getting in shape for the year to come.


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