Ceremonial End to the School Year

Last week, every SMUS student was honoured during the annual Closing Ceremonies, which are held by the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools.

The Junior School event recognized every student with a personalized certificate of achievement, but gave particular attention to the departing Grade 5 students, who will join the Middle School in September. Director Nancy Richards spoke of favourite memories, accomplishments and identified a virtue displayed by each student. The students themselves especially enjoyed a slideshow of photos from the year, put together by teacher Gordon Chan.

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At the Middle School ceremonies, two students from each Grade took to the stage to share their thoughts on the past year, from performing in the King of Elfland’s Daughter to the impact of boarding students on their lives. Director of Middle School Xavier Abrioux especially congratulated the Grade 8 classes on shining during their outdoor education trips as well as their achievements on the honour roll, as 72% of students earned an average high enough to qualify. “In citizenship and service,” said Mr. Abrioux, “this is a group that has initiated amazing projects.”

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At the Senior School ceremonies, we said farewell to a truly outstanding graduating class. This year, the Grade 9 and 10 students had a separate assembly celebrating their accomplishments while the Grade 11 students joined the graduation proceedings held at the University of Victoria.

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Valedictorians Melissa Bosworth and Gaurav Sekhon spoke on behalf of the departing Grade 12 students, who were individually honoured during the ceremony by Greg Marchand. The graduates of 2009 were also the first to receive lifetime membership cards for the SMUS Alumni Association, which were presented by SMUS Alumni Association president Gareth Rees.


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